Board Certified Doctors in Virginia

Gordon Byrnes

Alexandria, Virginia

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Mohammed Barazi

Sterling, Virginia

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Mohsin Ali

Reston, Virginia

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Munique Maia

Plastic and Reconstructiv...
McLean, Virginia

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T. Randall Blancha...

Plastic and Reconstructiv...
Newport News, Virginia

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Timothy O'Malley

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Patient Testimonials

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  • I found the site easy to navigate and it answered all my physician related questions. I then found the Board Certified specialist who was just what I was looking for.
  • My health is too important not to receive the best doctors, and BoardCertfied helped me make a well informed decision. It’s fast, and easy to use.

Physician Testimonials

  • BoardCertified is a great way for my patients to connect with me, and an even better way for us to give visibility to our practice.
  • I have had several patients who travel a great distance just because they found me on BoardCertifield.
  • There have been dozens of patients come in saying they found me on BoardCertified and then decided to make an appointment.
  • My BoardCertified profile has increased the number of appointments at my practice, and continues to be a reliable source of patient referrals.