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Problems With Substance Abuse

Problems With Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse: The Epidemic

Substance abuse is a prevalent problem that affects millions of people around the world. People abuse a variety of substances including both prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol. The causes and reasons behind substance abuse vary greatly, as do the consequences. In many cases, those who abuse a substance end up experiencing major legal or health problems as direct results of their addictions. Severe cases of substance abuse can be fatal when sufferers do not undergo treatment to beat their addictions.

Substance Abuse: The Cause

Addictions and cases of substance abuse often begin in one's youth or teenage years. Individuals who experiment with alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs at a young age are more likely to suffer from substance abuse as adults. The exact causes for substance abuse are unclear, but it is believed that certain situations may make some individuals more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, or other substances. These factors include growing up in a chaotic home, lack of parental nurturing, poor coping skills, or living with a substance abuser all tend to make individuals more likely to become addicts themselves. Also, research has shown that addiction can run in families, so some people are genetically more prone to substance abuse than others.

Substance Abuse: The Common Signs

Substance abuse is typically first detected by the abuser's friends and family. Common signs include giving up on past activities, poor performance at school or work, aggressiveness, irritability, depression, and not caring about others. As the addition progresses, people may notice abusers lying about their usage, avoiding friends and family, using substances on a regular basis, taking risks, and getting in trouble with the law. In severe cases of substance abuse, other symptoms like tremors, seizures, jaundice, cough, or fever may develop.

Seeking Professional Addition Therapists

When someone becomes dependent on drugs, beating the addiction often requires professional help. Trying to quit without help can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, patients do not seek help until they reach a critical point where they begin to experience severe side effects as a result of their substance abuse. These symptoms may include severe chest or abdominal pain, hallucinations, difficulty speaking, or dark urine. The exact treatment for substance abuse largely depends on the specific patient and the type of substance that is being abused. Addicts may require extensive treatment to beat their addiction. Doctors may also prescribe certain medications like methadone or nicotine patches to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and prevent cravings. Substance abusers may require therapy or medicine for the rest of their lives.

Substance Abuse: Recovery Options 

The prognosis for substance abuse varies greatly. Some people can beat their addictions before any severe damage is done and can then often live full and productive lives. However, for others, addiction can be fatal.

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