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Penis Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

Penis Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

The term penis pain refers to any pain or discomfort that is felt in or around the penis. There are numerous causes, many of which are not serious in nature. It may be felt internally or externally and can affect any of the structures or tissues of the penis. The exact nature of the pain varies depending upon the cause. In some cases, it may occur suddenly while in others, it may develop over time. Pain may occur sharply or as a dull ache.

Common Causes of Penis Pain

Penis pain is commonly caused by injury, bites from insects, pimples, and sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis or chlamydia. It may also be caused by bladder stones, an erection that will not go away in a normal amount of time, infection under the foreskin of men who are not circumcised, inflammation of the prostate gland, or Reiter syndrome. In rare cases, cancer of the penis is also a potential cause of pain.

When to Seek Medical Attention

In many cases, the cause of penis pain is not severe in nature. Minor injuries, pimples, and insect bites can usually be managed at home without the need for medical intervention. If the pain is severe, lasts more than 4 hours, is caused by an erection that does not go away, or includes additional unexplained symptoms, it is essential to seek medical attention to prevent long-term complications.

Diagnosing the Cause of the Pain

Health care providers may utilize several techniques when trying to diagnose the cause of penis pain. The patient's complete medical history is generally collected, and a thorough physical examination of the penis, scrotum, and testicles is performed. During the exam, the doctor usually asks questions regarding the characteristics of the pain such as when it started, if it is always present, and where precisely the pain is located. The doctor will ask about any other symptoms that may be present or if the patient is at risk of having a sexually transmitted disease. Blood tests and other diagnostic procedures may also be needed.

Treatment Options for Penis Pain

 The treatment for penis pain varies depending upon the cause. Infections and sexually transmitted diseases are usually treated with prescription medications while other problems may require medical procedures or other forms of treatment. The prognosis for penis pain is generally best when the issue is addressed as soon as possible. Without medical treatment, problems like extended erections, infections, and sexually transmitted diseases may result in permanent complications such as infertility or sexual dysfunction.

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