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BoardCertified.com is one of the largest online communities of board-certified physicians connecting more patients directly with doctors than almost any other network. With board-certification considered the “gold standard” when it comes to differentiating doctors, patients now have easy access and confidence that they will find the best options in their community.

The primary purpose of this user-friendly website is to search for and identify physicians in any area of medical specialty by name or geography, as well as providing supporting information on procedures and treatments. Whether your search is defined by general geographical parameters, or as specific as a particular physician or hospital, you can find qualified medical professionals and facilities to help you make the most informed choice.

Over 920,000 Validated Board-Certified Physicians Are On Our Site

The community represents thousands of doctors nationwide, at hospitals and in private practice, in specialties ranging from anesthesiology and dermatology to orthopedics and plastic surgery. And every physician has been individually validated to assure they are board-certified in the specialty they list.

Over 7,000 Visitors Every Day Visit Our Physician Directory  

Patients search for a wide variety of specialties using board-certification as the #1 criteria for choosing a doctor. With so many doctors in almost every community across the US, having a credible first step is the best way to narrow a search for the finest practitioners.

Patients Searches Are Cost Free And Unlimited. You Can Come Again And Again .

For the patient, the user-friendly BoardCertified.com platform empowers visitors with not only the ability to locate doctors in their area of medical interest and geography but also the knowledge and information about related procedures and treatments.

Physicians Who Have Achieved Board-Certification Can Be Found By Patients Who Consider It An Essential Criteria

For a physician, the unique BoardCertified.com network provides an increased and more credible online presence than almost any other network out there, as well as easily offering the ability to create and enhance your very own physician’s profile and practice information. The multi-tier membership opportunities offer a broader range of benefits to doctors, hospitals and medical associations alike, including micro-site profile pages, Comprehensive Physician Profile Pages, and most recently offered is now practice consulting.


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