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Daniel Leeman, MD, FACS

Daniel Leeman MD Plastic Surgery
3607 Manor Rd Ste 101 Austin, Texas, 78723

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About Daniel Leeman MD, FACS

Dr. Leeman is committed to providing his patients with the highest level of quality care and service. As a double board-certified physician, he brings an added level of skill and expertise to each procedure he performs. When your treatment, whether cosmetic, reconstructive, or a procedure for ear, nose, or throat, is performed by Dr. Leeman, you can trust that you are in extremely well-qualified hands.

Cosmetic surgery for face, breasts, and body

Dr. Leeman performs a wide range of cosmetic treatments for face, breasts and body. His meticulous surgical technique and warm, caring demeanor has led to a reputation for excellence in both cosmetic and ear, nose, and throat procedures. His patients come to him from the local Austin area and from afar as they trust in his level of education and expertise.

Dr. Leeman has been in private practice for almost two decades, excelling throughout his career. His dedication to his patients has driven him to ensure they are comfortable, cared for, and only experience excellent results.

Our state-of-the-art facility

The Mueller Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art treatment center where patients can receive individualized care, with reduced chances of infection or other complications. The center has an onsite lab and CT scan system, reducing the time involved in diagnosis and treatment. When a procedure is performed at Mueller, the continuity of care from a single team is an advantage that cannot be experienced at a large, busy hospital. Office-based surgery provides a higher level of patient comfort and care, allowing them to return home to rest and recover in a timely manner.

A patient-focused approach

Dr. Leeman has established a surgical center that makes undergoing a cosmetic or ENT treatment more affordable. With special pricing structures for patients with high-deductible insurance or no health insurance, he wants to ensure that any person who needs or wants treatment has access to a facility with superior service, caring compassionate staff, and a surgeon who employs the latest surgical techniques, supported by cutting-edge technology.

Face, breast, and body enhancements

As a double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Leeman has credentials above and beyond many other professionals in his field. His dedication to the art of plastic surgery has led to his reputation for excellence in a range of surgical procedures to enhance face, breasts, or body. He is proud to be able to increase the quality of life of his patients with an array of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Individualized care for patients of all ages.

Dr. Leeman’s kind, compassionate approach to treatment puts patients of any age at ease. Over our years in practice, we have treated patients of all ages. Each patient is given the personal attention, treatment, and compassionate care they deserve.

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