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Benjamin P. Christian MD, FACS Reviews

Submitted by Breast Reduction Patient On 5/27/22 on 06/09/2022

Breast Reduction Patient on 5/27/22

Overall Rating

Dr. Chrisian performed a breast reduction on me on 5/27/22 in Rhode Island. He did an AMAZING job!!! Even for the visits prior to the surgery, he was professional, knowledgeable, honest, provided me with all of the information I needed. He was also very reassuring. The results are just great! NO infections, NO botched jobs and everything is healing up nicely. Patients need to remember that a doctor is working with your own unique anatomy so how our bodies heal is generally OUTSIDE of any doctor's control, that being said, I am VERY HAPPY & SATISFIED with how my surgery went. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!

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