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Robotic Hysterectomy


A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove your uterus or your uterus and cervix. The first procedure is known as a partial hysterectomy, and the second is called a total hysterectomy. A robotic hysterectomy, also known as a da Vinci hysterectomy (because of the name of the company that makes the device) is when a trained Manhattan gynecologist performs the procedure with a computer-assisted device that enables greater accuracy.

The robotic aspect of the procedure allows your Midtown gynecologist, Dr. Zelmanovich to accomplish the surgery through small (half inch or smaller) incisions instead of the traditional wide incision across your belly (a procedure known as an open hysterectomy) or a minimally invasive procedure with a laparoscope. The computer-operated device provides your OBGYN real-time 3D video while directing a laparoscope and surgical instruments.

Your surgeon remains in the operating room during the entire procedure. The computer connects the surgical instruments to the gynecologist’s hands, translating hand movements into precise adjustments of the instruments. Robotic surgery has been successfully completed on three million people, according to the da Vinci company.

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