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Cosmetic Gum Surgery


Gum surgery has come a long way, thanks to technology improvements and new techniques. Today, gum recession surgery may be the best option if you’re suffering from severe periodontal disease. In addition to treating gum disease, gum recession surgery can help provide you with options to be included in your smile makeover. Talk to your family dentist who’s also a cosmetic dentist about your options.

Often, with the severe tooth pain and inflammation that can come with gum disease, you may need to undergo gum surgery. Gum disease ranges in severity through three different stages, each stage worse than the last. From least to worst, gum disease is treated as:

  1. Gingivitis. This disease usually clears up within a month or so with professional teeth cleaning.
  2. Periodontitis. This oral disease can lead to tooth loss, but you can reverse it with deep cleaning treatments such as scaling or root planing.
  3. Advanced periodontitis. This disease is the most common reason why you may need gum surgery.

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