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Alexis Lieberman, MD

Fairmount Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
2000 Hamilton St Ste 109 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130

More About Alexis Lieberman

In her former position, she taught dermatology to pediatricians in training, developed and published protocols for managing pediatric obesity, and researched and published on mental health issues in pediatrics. She has expertise in many behavioral aspects of pediatrics, including treating ADHD and sleep problems, as well as obesity.

Dr. Lieberman is also the former Director of Adolescent Programs at Albert Einstein Medical Center, and has expertise in the many issues faced by today’s teens, including menstrual issues, adolescent ADHD, adolescent depression and substance use. She welcomes teens and young adults to the practice!

Dr. Lieberman has a teen daughter herself, and understands the challenges faced by parents. She is thrilled to be in her own practice, at Fairmount Pediatrics, and looks forward to getting to know your family.

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