Ernesto R. Diaz, MD

Family Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery

Splendor Regenerative Medicine
11890 SW 8th St
Ste 301 Miami, FL 33184


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More About Ernesto Diaz

Dr. Diaz graduated as a doctor and completed his residency in Cuba. After coming to the United States, he became certified by the American Board of Medical Examiners as a General Practitioner.

During the last fifteen years, Dr. Diaz has been an expert in medical services in Miami, Florida. He is a member of the American Medical Association and the Medical Academy of Pain Management.

He currently works full time as a Primary Care Physician where he has gained the respect of all his patients.

Dr. Diaz actively involves his patients in the treatment of chronic pain relief and preventive general medicine for adults.

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11890 SW 8th St Ste 301
Miami, Florida 33184

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