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Eugene Lipov M.D. Dr. Eugene G. Lipov is a world-renowned board certified anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management. After completing his M.D. at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in 1984, he went on to complete advanced anesthesiology training both at The University of Illinois- Chicago and at Rush University’s Medical Center. Dr. Lipov has practiced in the field of pain medicine for over 20 years and was on academic faculty at Rush St. Luke’s for more than five years. Currently, he is the founder and medical director at The Advanced Pain Centers.

Dr. Lipov is a founding member and the first president of The Illinois Chapter of The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). Additionally, he is a member of The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). He is a sought after consultant and has served as an instructor and professional resource for both the ISIS and NASS.

Dr. Lipov has lectured internationally:

  1. Netherlands 2008 “ Long-Duration Pulsed Radiofrequency for the Treatment of Upper Extremity Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” Congress EuroNeuro Congress; Maastricht,
  2. Norway 2009 and 2010 , Utilizing Stellate Ganglion Block to treat Hot flashes , on the invitation of the government . Dr Lipov perfumed 30 injections in Oslo, Norway
  3. Spain 2011 Improving Health-Related Quality of Life for Patients with Refractory Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  4. Singapore 2012 , Invited lecturer ,” PARA-anesthetic utility of SGB in Oncology .Clinical Uses and Neurobiology” at Asian Oncology Summit

Dr Lipov has authored scholarly articles on needle design , post operative delirium , new uses of implantable neurostimulators for lower back and neck pain , new uses of pulsed radio frequency as well other pain related topics . His utilization of conventional anesthetic procedures for new application has set him apart from most of his colloquies. The “para anesthetic “ indications such use of SGB to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder( PTSD) and hot flashes . Those lines of research has lead him in directions very uncommon for a pain specialist such as speaking in front of a US Congressional Committee on veterans affairs in 2010 . ( as well as presenting out side conventional pain practice :

  1. Seatle Washington , Amsus (a military equivalent of American Medical Association meeting) November 2013 “ The role of Stellate ganglion Block in treating PTSD”
  2. New York City , NY American Psychiatric Association (APA) . May 2014 The role of Stellate ganglion Block in treating PTSD”

He was the first in the world to report on new affective treatments for the following conditions:

  1. Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder utilizing Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)
  2. Treating hot flashes utilizing Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)
  3. Treating Persistent neck pain with implantable sub-q nerve stimulator.

Dr. Lipov founded Chicago Medical Innovations (CMI) as a 501 c-3 non profit organization to promote research and treat PTSD and Hot flashes utilizing Stellate ganglion block /Chicago block . He currently serves as a medical consultant for CMI.

Chicago medical Innovations has treated over 30 veterans suffering with severe PTSD from across the nation at no charge .

Dr Lipov also has written books for children : Adventures of Captain heart and Adventures of Super brain

Bibliography of Books

  • Exit Strategy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. New Hope for Civilians and War Fighters Alike, co-author (Self-Published) 2011
  • A Cool New You, (Self-Published) 2009
  • Adventures of Super Brain (Self-Published) 2010
  • Adventures of Captain Heart ( Self-Published) 2008

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2260 W Higgins Rd Ste 101
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60169

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