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Abraham Jaguan, MD

South Florida ENT Associates
3661 S Miami Ave Ste 409 Miami, Florida, 33133

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Dr. Abraham Jaguan, MD is an otolaryngologist in Miami, Florida. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Florida. He is affiliated with Mercy Hospital – Miami, Baptist Hospital of Miami, and Memorial Regional Hospital.

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Submitted by Stephanie on 10/03/2023


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Dr. Abraham Jaguan was rude and didn't listen to me when I explained to him I was in pain. The multiple times I called for help with my pain management he said he couldn't do anything and this was unusual. When I went to the office he continued to say my pain was unusual and then proceeded to drain my sinuses even though I asked him to stop because I was hurting. He just kept saying I'm almost done. He treated my pain and concern as if it didn't matter and would sigh and say well if your hurting this much then I guess you can go to the emergency room. I have never been treated so badly in my life. I would not recommend him. He should be ashamed of himself for the way he treated me. Thank God Mercy Hospital treated me kindly and took care of me. They saw their was a problem.

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