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What are Patients' Experience Standards

Patients' Experience with Dr. Ortiz

When choosing a provider, it can be helpful to review other patients' experiences. U.S. News publishes patient experience ratings from Fountain Analytics, which aggregates patient reviews from over a hundred sites to compile information about 10 different patient experience metrics. These ratings are not intended as indicators of medical quality - how good a provider is - but rather reflect patients' feedback on factors such as good communication, clarity of instructions, etc. Patient experience ratings are issued in the context of a specific physician's specialty, as patients tend to rate types of providers differently. Learn more about patient experience ratings ┬╗

Kenneth Ortiz's Overall Patient Experience Rating


2 Reviews Within Last 12 Months     6 Reviews Total

Thoroughness of Examination

Previous patients' satisfaction in their perception of the thoroughness of the examination

they received from this physician                                                                                                                      Excellent

Ability to Answer Questions

Previous patients' assessment of this physician's ability to answer all of their questions                     Excellent

Clarity of Instructions

Previous patients' satisfaction in the clarity of this physician's instructions for taking 

care of their health condition                                                                                                                           Excellent

Provider's follow-up

Previous patients' satisfaction of the followup care they received from this 

physician and responsiveness to their concerns                                                                                          Excellent

Amount of Time with Patient

Previous patients' satisfaction with the time this physician spent with

them during appointments                                                                                                                              Excellent

Provider's Attitude

Previous patients' assessment of this physician's friendliness

and caring attitude                                                                                                                                           Very Positive

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