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Medical Spas… Sounds nice but what am I really getting?

Medical Spas… Sounds nice but what am I really getting?

A Medical spa is the pairing of a cosmetic surgery office and a European day spa. This means that all of your aesthetic needs can be met in one location. You can get laser hair removal or Botox treatments, undergo sessions to help reduce cellulite, and get a traditional facial or a session of message therapy all at the same place.

Medical Spas are the newest niche in cosmetic surgery and the fastest growing segment of the spa industry. And for very good reason; wouldn't you want to get your microdermabrasion or Restylane injections in a nice, warm, relaxing ergonomic chair while listening to soothing music and enjoying the sweet scents of aroma therapy?

As for the medical care...that's not a problem either. All medical spas must have a medical doctor on staff or on the premises at all times. Many medical spas have affiliate plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and/or licensed aestheticians. So, in many cases, if you are just going in for a regular facial and looking for products to improve your skin, you will have the advantage of being able to get the advice of a trained physician, studied in a wide range of skin and facial aesthetics.

What to expect from a Medical Spa:

  • Relaxing and soothing atmosphere including all the pampering and service you would expect from a spa
  • A variety of skin care products and creams available for take home use
  • Licensed aestheticians or health care personnel to help with your individual skin and body care needs
  • The same quality medical care that you would expect from a cosmetic surgery or dermatology office

Medical spas vary in type from individual or corporate owned beauty and skin spas to physician owned spas with affiliated surgical facilities. So chances are you will be able to find a medical spa that offers the procedure you want with all the amenities to make your experience an enjoyable one.