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Health Insurance For Children

Health Insurance For Children

Health insurance for children is a primary concern for any parent. Whether the child is generally healthy or is in need of on-going medical care for a condition or disorder, many families find that insurance is a necessity when it comes to paying for health care. Children's health insurance is widely available, and recent law changes have made it more accessible than ever before.

Many adults are able to obtain health insurance through their place of work. In most cases, coverage can be extended to to the employee's family as well. These plans vary from business to business, but generally they provide adequate coverage that meets the needs of most parents and their children. Children can now be covered by their parent's health insurance plan until the age of 26 unless they are eligible for insurance through their own employer.

Health Insurance for Children From Your Employer

Health insurance for children is also available even if the parent's employer does not offer health insurance benefits or the family cannot afford coverage. Insuring children has become a primary concern for both federal and state governments. Many children from low-income families can be covered through Medicaid. In addition to providing access to routine and emergency care, Medicaid also helps cover medical expenses for kids with a variety of diseases or disorders and is available for free to qualifying families. Parents may also qualify for Medicaid.

Through the Children's Health Insurance Program, more commonly known as CHIP, children are eligible for health insurance coverage when the family does not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to pay for health insurance. CHIP offer a number of benefits including routine exams, emergency and hospital care, vaccinations, prescription medications, and dental, vision, and hearing care. Through the CHIP program, children and teens can be insured at little cost to the family.

Struggle with Health Insurance for Children

In the past, parents often struggled to obtain insurance for children with health problems due to insurance providers not providing coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to recent reforms in the field of health insurance, however, providers can no longer deny a child coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions. This ensures that kids will have access to potentially life-saving treatments that may not have been accessible in the past. 

Insured children are less likely to become ill, and they are generally healthier throughout their lives. In addition, children with insurance typically perform better in school because of fewer absences due to illness.

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