Form - Microneedling Instructions



To obtain the best results for micro-needling, your skin should be prepared with Vitamin products for a few days prior to your micro-needling treatment. Our aesthetician will assist you with the appropriate products needed for preparing your skin. If you have a history of cold sores, an anti­viral medication will also be prescribed and then used 24 hours prior to your treatment.

The micro-needling treatment will be done under a light topical anesthesia cream along with medications that may be taken by mouth that will help you to relax. If relaxation medications are given, you will need a ride home.


During the procedure, your skin will be pricked repeatedly, causing you to lose some blood. However, this will stop within minutes and a straw­ colored fluid may ooze from the tiny holes. This oozing stops after another few minutes. Your skin will be coated with Essential­ A Oil and kept moist with saline­ soaked sponges.

Post­ Operative Care

Once home, you can gently wash your face allowing the water to soak into the surface of the skin. Be careful to use only tepid water since the skin is more sensitive to heat. Gently pat dry the skin and apply Essential­A Oil generously. Essential­ A should be applied twice a day for five ­to ­seven days unless the skin gets too inflamed.

After your treated skin feels comfortable, you may start your regular skin products. You should remain on the Environ range of products after the treatment and strive for the highest levels of Vitamin A as a permanent rejuvenating treatment. Enhanced penetration treatments should be discussed with our aesthetician.

The skin will become very dry. it has lost an important barrier function of keeping the water inside the skin. It will be restored completely in a few days.

Avoid taking aspirin or aspirin containing products for one week after the procedure.

Avoid the sun for at least ten days.

Post-Needling Appearance 

Day 1

• Bleeding and bruising immediately

• Bleeding will stop quickly, serum will ooze from the skin

• The skin will appear purplish-red in color

• There will be swelling

Day 2 

• The skin will appear to have a purplish-red hue

• Bruising starts to lighten

• Swelling may be slightly increased

Day 3

• The skin will appear slightly pink

• Bruising will be slightly less

• Swelling will be less

Day 4-6

• Slight bruising

• Almost no noticeable swelling

• Make-up may be used

Day 7

• For most patients, there are very few visible signs left

You will be advised to stay off work for five days. If you deal with people at work and are sensitive about your appearance, you may need 7-10 days.

Note: Most patients with dark skin will not show the amount of bruising that a lighter skinned patient will. The skin will appear puffy, and bruising might be visible in thin skinned areas such as around the eyes.

The optimum period between treatments is about six months.

Subsequent appointments will be suggested by Dr. Gerstle.

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