Christina Magill, MD, FACS

Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT
3719 E Meridian Loop Ste E Wasilla, Alaska, 99654

More About Christina Magill

Dr. Magill is a double board-certified surgeon in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), head and neck surgery, and facial plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She attained her medical degree from the University of Washington. Dr. Magill completed her surgical subspecialty residency at Washington University in St. Louis. During this time, she undertook a fellowship in regenerative medicine and microsurgery. Dr. Magill then completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in California. Dr. Magill has published numerous invited articles and chapters (see list of publications). Dr. Magill is honored to teach other doctors, and serves as clinical faculty for the University of Washington School of Medicine. Dr. Magill is the director of the Providence Cleft Clinic and also serves on the Fairbanks Cleft Team.

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